Origin Story:

Serious Bio – Zac Eubank is the CEO of the HyperRPG Twitch channel and the GM of Valiant: Vanquished.

Much More Fun Bio - Born on the Arkansas/Missouri border Zac Eubank grew up being a human bird dog, recreational dock worker and participating in massively escalating Halloween prank wars. As an escape he discovered comic books and painting. Eventually he also began to dabble in film making wherein he achieved his bliss by creating his masterpiece of cinema "Modern Tragedy". After an unsuccessful attempt at running "Uno Burrito Stand", he stumbled upon this strange beast called Twitch. Having slain it once by helping to create and grow the most subbed channel on it, he wandered up the West Coast. One day after being rescued from a blizzard he came across the remains of a crashed ship known only as the "Yojimbo". With the help of many others and much blood, sweat and tears he managed to get the ship started again, although it was still unable to leave the planet. Exploring the ship further now that there were lights he soon uncovered the ship's library inside of which he found a mysterious tome called "Valiant RPG". After careful study he soon transformed into his final form. Welcome LEAD NARRATOR. Feed him your plot points!

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