How it works!Edit

Ok Thumpers, as you know this channel and programming wouldn't exist without your help! One of the many ways you can choose to help is by tipping the studio using TwitchAlerts! The way we've structured how your tips are distributed is by rewarding a Plot Point to either one of the Cast of Characters on the show, or the Lead Narrator.

Every $100 donated per character or the narrator earns them one amazing Plot Point. The running totals are cumulative, so you can tip as low as $5 to help them out! Also for every $500 raised (overall), at the end of the show we have a special giveaway where a lucky viewer can be selected at random to be named as a NPC to be featured on the show! So if we raise $1000 we have 2 drawings, $1500 gets 3, and so on!

Hashtags to use!Edit

When tipping to the cast, use their hashtag so we at Hyper RPG can better track where you want your money to go! You can also tip to multiple cast at once. So if you wanted to spread, say $120 across the players, you would use all the following tags except for the Lead Narrator's:









At the end of the night, chat gets to vote on whom they think best deserves an Event Point, in addition to which player the Lead Narrator has decided to reward that evening.

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