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August 22nd, 2016


Our group find themselves in the Faraway, which is apparently Livia's home. The Faraway has a couple of rules: Rule 1: Stay away from the dinosaurs. Rule 2. Stay away from everything else.

They immediately break rule 1, but Livia quickly dispatches the pterodactyl with a portal. Unfortunately, this ends up covering Miss Eaves in a mix of entrails and brain matter; Arida gets adorned with dino poop.
Volume 2, Issue 2- FARAWAY - VANQUISHED - Valiant Universe RPG

Volume 2, Issue 2- FARAWAY - VANQUISHED - Valiant Universe RPG

After an accidental swim in a lake of mercury and a trip over a waterfall the team arrives at Livia's home and finds her robot companion Sarah, who seems to have some separation anxiety. Sarah reveals that she was originally part of a spaceship, and owned by someone named John. She shows them a video of Livia getting kidnapped by the Black Bloc, even though Livia has no memory of the event. Sarah goes full creep-mode: "I watched the video 72 times" Livia has no idea how she got out of the Faraway. Sarah also seems to have switched to passive-aggressive personality mode.

Suddenly they hear some kind of explosion and head out to help. Upon seeing a Vine village, Nebraska assumes they are the attackers when in fact they are victims of a teenage human terrorist group calling themselves the Trollitia. The others manage to save most of the Vine and Nebraska has to come to terms with the fact that not all Vine are evil (and the guilt he carries for not helping them). He finds out that they are also from Nebraska, in a future time, when the Vine and Visigoths live together in peace. Nebraska realizes connecting with these Vine may be part of his greater purpose.

Soon Eternal Knight arrives, riding a BigDog-style mechanical steed. He decides Nebraska is the problem and tries to fight him. Nebraska tries to oblige. Everyone else rolls their eyes. Eternal Knight then attempts to show off how cool he is and completely fails. Somehow the women in the group do not end up killing him. Sarah reminds them that heroes don't need payment for good deeds. Nebraska gets to live his dream and ride a dino. GliCh tries it too. Geist takes over, shapes himself into a dino and we end up with the fanart inspired image of unconscious Cross riding himself/Geist.


They find Eternal Knight killing one of the Trollitia. He continues to be a douche. Again they manage not to kill him. Nebraska eats the leg of the dead Trollitia to recharge his arm. Eternal Knight tries to teach Nebraska how to deal with women, possibly making him worse. There may be some Sarah/Eternal Knight shipping. Also Nebraska/Eternal Knight. Mostly Eternal Knight ships himself with everyone.

Arida throws up on GliCh after they are reminded of everyone they killed. Soon Livia's contacts tell her they have heard rumblings about her father... who just so happens to be Armstrong. Fade to black.

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